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The resources are immediately below are always the latest version of the mentorship resources as they are updated LIVE. These resources may also have interactive elements not available in the download items.

Personal Development Plan Guide

Guide to Conversations with your Mentee

CSOD Mentorship Guide for Mentors

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Please note that these resources are not regularly updated and so items may be out-of-date. We recommend that you always use the LIVE versions above. If for whatever reason you are unable to, these downloads are available to you. Last updated: Aug. 25, 2020.

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Please note that though we do try to respond as quickly as possible to meeting requests, we ask that you allow at least 8hrs for a meeting to be created for you.

In an attempt to provide alternative we have created the unique Skype Meet Now link above. The link will remain the same through the duration of your match and provide an easy and quick way for you to connect with your mentee. We recommend that this link is used on desktop computers for the greatest convenience.


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Once you are matched you cannot change you mentorship preferences until the match ends. This section is to remind you of what you entered and to give an indication as to why you would have been matched in the way you were.


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