About the CSOD


The Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) is a distributed training institution with a focus on digital and data literacy. We have developed a 12-week structured curriculum that covers the all the areas a learner needs to be skilled in to be considered a functional member of the emerging digital society.

From basic computing and practices all the way through to critical thinking and problem solving with a data-centric job role, we leverage our portfolio of interactive, modular, multilingual and Internet-independent courseware to expand the knowledge-base and attitudes of our students. Additionally, our self-paced learning framework is undergirded by strong, blended facilitation - because we believe in supporting our students' academic journey as best we can.

We recognize that increasing the employability of those who use our services does not rely simply on the "what-you-know", but also on the "who-you-know" and just as importantly, the "who-knows-you." Therefore we added a Mentorship Program as well as an Employers' Network into our service. The Mentorship Program ensures that our students get exposed to the right people in the right places to facilitate the emergence of the right mindset; while the Employers' Network keeps both our students and administration in touch with what the industry needs, as well as the opportunities emerging within the space.


The CSOD Model of Employability

The CSOD Model of Employability


In keeping with our model for employability, our curriculum focuses on growing the skills, knowledge and attitudes of our students - expanding their perspectives on their world and their future place within it. Our mentorship programme is layered on top of the curriculum so that we are able to further address attitudinal outlook, but critically, to build professional and social networks so as to uncover previously unreachable opportunities. Once we graduate participants from our introductory courses, they may return for our advanced curriculum - which is designed for, guided by and facilitated through our professional partners in our Employers' Network.

We bring these aspects together and ensure that, in everything, we are listening as much as we are teaching through our virtual online community where ALL stakeholders within the CSOD experience can share ideas and grow together.

The Caribbean School of Data... here "to increase employability through digital and data literacy".