CSOD Virtual Community


The driving force behind the Caribbean School of Data is the spread of a Data culture and access to the Internet throughout our region. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that our people, from the most vulnerable to the highest seat in our corporations are data-skilled and are actively contributing to the data economy.

To this end, the School has developed and deployed an online community of practice where students and employers alike will access training and one-another in an environment that encourages employability and growth, is rich and nurturing, and packed with features like:

  • Personalized profile pages
  • Social networking (likes, friends, reposts, etc.)
  • Member directory
  • Integrated video calling using Zoom technologies
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Organized and moderated groups
  • Hashtags
  • ...and much, much more!

The CSOD Virtual Community is the platform which brings the other three (3) legs of the programme (distributed learning institution, mentorship programme, employer's network) together to make a singular, unmatched offering of learning and employability.