CSOD Mentorship


The CSOD Mentorship Programme is a unique opportunity for a CSOD student to receive mentorship from a technology, business or marketing professional from the Caribbean nations and diaspora.

During the 3 month engagement, mentees will gain a deeper appreciation for the digital space and the potential career opportunities that exist. By leveraging the skills, experiences and expertise of their mentors, mentees will grow in self-confidence and improve their social skills. The CSOD Mentorship Programme will allow mentees to walk away with a clear plan for navigating the digital space, and a connection to an entire community of support.

This programme will allow mentors the opportunity to give back to the region by educating and preparing the next generation of tech talent. Ultimately, the mentorship programme is a crucial piece in allowing the CSOD to carry out its mandate to increase employability through digital and data literacy.

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to positively impact and support the development of the lives of Caribbean youth by sharing your experience and passion for the digital space. By working with a mentee, you will increase their awareness of the digital space, empower them to strengthen their own social and technical skills, and to expose them to the professional and additional educational opportunities that exist within this space.

Mentors directly contribute to “increas[ing] employability through digital and data literacy" throughout the Caribbean region.” The CSOD mentorship programme is also a great opportunity to harness your leadership skills and expand your own professional network.

Your role as a mentor includes but isn't limited to:

  • Being a positive role model for your mentee
  • Exposing your mentee to new opportunities
  • Being present and consistent throughout the engagement
  • Support, coach and guide your mentee through decision-making.
  • Encourage your mentees to complete the CSOD programme
  • Allow the mentee to untap their own potential
  • Be open to the process and to learning from your mentee
  • Adhering to the programme guidelines

Participation is completely voluntary, however we do ask Mentors to commit for a minimum of one program cycle (12 weeks).