CSOD Employers' Network


As the value of data as an asset is increasingly recognized within business, there is a growing need for labourers at varying levels of experience and expertise with core digital and data skills. The CSOD is bridging this gap with the Employers’ Network, giving graduates and business partners an online network to subscribe, register with an employer profile, and through Employment Exchange, search for and match specific skills and recruit for internship and/or employment needs with qualified CSOD graduates.

How Can You Participate?

As an Employer, you can register and participate in the CSOD Employers’ Network through:

  1. Employment: Participating companies are encouraged to identify and provide employment opportunities for CSOD graduates:
  2. Internship: Companies can offer Internship positions to provide work experience for one or more CSOD graduates for a period not exceeding six (6) weeks.
  3. Sponsorship: We invite and encourage businesses to support the training of  underserved youth through a number of sponsorship mechanisms that range from providing tablet devices for students, to underwriting the training and engagement of facilitators (please see sponsorship prospectus for more information).

As a partner of the CSOD programme, businesses gain access to a range of services from the CSOD’s developing business portfolio, including data skills / digital literacy workshops; conversion/digitization of existing corporate training courses using the CSOD's innovative mobile-enabled course-development methodology and custom-designed data collection / business analytics programmes.