Participate in the CSOD


Participating in the CSOD is easy once you know what level you would like to become involved.


If you are interested in increasing your knowledge about digital and data, while growing your network and being exposed to had-to-find opportunities - then signing up as a student within the CSOD may be your best bet.

Students are required to complete the Digital Assessment Profile as well as (at least) the basic CSOD curriculum which spans approximately 12 weeks. Your level of commitment to the whole experience will be the key determinant in your student journey.

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Training Partners

The lifeblood of the Caribbean School of Data is undoubtedly our committed and hard-working Training Partners. Country Leads function as the champions of the message of digital and data skills whilst coordinating the activities of other partners within a specified territory. Country-Level Implementation Partners lead in the actual execution of the training, whether as a curriculum unto itself or as an integrated piece within a wider, pre-existing training program.

Whether our training is ground-breaking or simply expertise-expanding, our training parters are the pillars of the Caribbean School of Data's distributed training institution - helping us to achieve scale and impact.

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Our curriculum takes the WHOLE student into consideration and as such gives credence to not only knowledge and skills, but to attitudes and perspectives as well. We have found throughout the development and execution of our programme that in order to truly expand the outlook of an individual and have them working towards those new goals, there must be some form of very human guidance involved. This is the role our mentors play - helping our students to discover, unlock and ultimately fullfil their potential.

Mentors commit to working with mentees within an official 12-week period. During this time both CSOD local and regional offices support the mentor/mentee relationship as best as possible.

Of note: In keeping with our digital and data focus, our mentorship programme tends to encourage remote relationships, leveraging both synchronous and asynchronous technologies to facilitate the same.

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If you would like to become a part of the CSOD's Employers' Network, please contact us.