How do I score 100% for profile completeness?

Tired of seeing that your profile is not 100% complete? Here are some quick steps to achieving that coveted goal!

Step 1 – Get to your profile settings #

Once you are logged in to the CSOD, you may get to your own profile in a number of ways. You can:

  • Use the “header navigation” section by click the down chevron (down arrow) and selecting “About”
  • Use the Community sidebar by clicking “About” in the list of actions in the sidebar
  • Or take the shortcut and click this link then click “About”

Step 2 – Change your profile information #

Here you want to fill out all the information asked of you. Remember – you do not need to make everything you have here publicly visible!

First name: Enter your first name name

Last name: Enter your last/family name here

Gender: Enter your gender here

Birthdate: Enter your date of birth here

About Me: Tell us and the community a little about yourself here

Website: Share with us a website that tells us more about you (e.g. your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

TIP: Changing visibility is as easy as clicking on the little buttons on the right hand of each field. Your options are “Public”; “Site Members”; “Friends Only”; or “Just Me”

TIP: If you don’t have something to put in the “Website” field, you can use the URL to your own profile –<<your username here>>

Step 3 – Change your Avatar #

Now that you’ve completed your information, it’s time for you to LOOK the part!

Move your move over the current avatar. An area will appear that says “Change Avatar”.

Click anywhere in that area and a pop-up window will appear.

Click “Upload Avatar” and crop/size to your liking.

Hit “SAVE” and you are done!

Step 4 – Change your Background/Cover #

The final piece is to change your background or “Cover Image”.

While on the “About” page of your profile, move the mouse to any space that is over the image behind your avatar. That image is called your “cover image”.

You will see a notice appear as if hovering above the image. Move your mouse over it and click “Change Cover”.

From the dropdown menu that appears, choose “Upload New”.

Choose your image from your computer, upload it, crop/size to your liking.

Hit “SAVE” and you are done!

That’s IT! You should now be at the golden 100% profile score!

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