CAPSTONE: Becoming a Data Entrepreneur

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Welcome to the Capstone Course “Becoming a Data Entrepreneur”. This is the final course in the program Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) LEVEL II program that seeks to empower young adults with the practical and value-creating data skills for today’s Digital economy. The courses delivered throughout this Program were designed to address specific competences considered relevant to the Data value chain, including data collection, preparation, analysis and visualization. This Capstone course provides an opportunity for students to reinforce and apply the knowledge and skills gained from the previous three courses to real-word business prospects for creating social and/or economic value from Geospatial Data

Data Literacy and the ability to collect, organise, manage, evaluate and apply data to various business scenarios and activities is rapidly becoming an essential in-demand employability skill.  However Data skills provides many more opportunities for creating social and/or economic value. This Capstone course encourages students to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the previous three courses to real-world business scenarios, as well as to identify potential value-creating opportunities from working with geospatial data.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Organize collaborative teams using digital tools and technologies to conceptualize and work virtually on data-enabled initiatives
  2. Identify and assess a real-world problem situation that could be addressed using geospatial data and/or location-based services
  3. Plan the activities for a real-world Interactive Community Mapping Project to address your identified problem situation
  4. Create and edit geospatial data using OpenStreetMap and related digital tools
  5. Use the Business Model Canvas to conceptualize your Geospatial Data entrepreneurial venture

Who is this course for?

The course is targeted to young adults who have reached the end of high school and/or are beginning to engage in tertiary education, and who have completed the CSOD basic program, or have otherwise acquired digital competencies. 

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