CAPSTONE: Developing an Open Mapping Community Project

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This course is broken down into four (4) modules namely: 1. Organizing your WorkGroup; 2. Planning an Interactive Community Mapping Project; 3. Develop your Business Model; 4. Project management essentials

Enable students to learn how to plan open mapping projects around, for and with a community.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Organize collaborative teams using digital tools and technologies to conceptualize and work virtually on data-enabled initiatives
  2. Identify and assess a real-world problem situation that could be addressed using geospatial data and/or location-based services
  3. Plan the activities for a real-world Interactive Community Mapping Project to address your identified problem situation
  4. Use the Business Model Canvas to conceptualize your Geospatial Data entrepreneurial venture
  5. Design and plan a geospatial project through a project proposal

Who is this course for?

The course is targeted to persons 16 and above with an interest in open geospatial data. 

You should have completed the “Introduction to Open Geospatial Data” course. In particular, you should be familiar with mapping concepts, collecting and working with Geospatial data.

Estimated time for the course is 3 weeks – 5 hours per week. Additional learning resources are provided to enable students to explore more information on the topics covered.

Module 1 – Organizing your Mapping WorkGroup

Module 2 – Planning an Interactive Community Mapping Project

Module 3 – Develop your Business Model

Module 4 – Project Management Essentials – Mapping project Design and Management

Caribbean School of Data (CSOD)