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Welcome to the Course “Data Preparation”. This is the 1st  in the CSOD LEVEL II program that seeks to empower young adults with the practical skills for today’s Digital economy. These courses are designed to address competency profiles in Digital literacy and Data skills that have become essential for the job markets of today and the future.

Participants in this course “Data Preparation”, will acquire the essential practical skills that will equip them with foundational data competencies for Data Preparation and Data Governance, some of which were first introduced in the “Data Fundamentals” course. 

In the Digital economy, Data has become a critical and valuable business resource. Data literacy and the ability to collect, organise, manage, evaluate and apply Data to various business scenarios and activities is rapidly becoming an essential 21st century skill. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Data Preparation, and basic toolkits (including spreadsheets) for collecting, organizing and applying data effectively.

Practical techniques are learned to process, manipulate and visualize data using spreadsheets. Students also learn about important data issues such as data quality, security, and privacy and are introduced to good practices for working with Data.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the importance of Data Governance 
  2. Explain the importance of Data Quality
  3. Distinguish between the various Data Quality dimensions
  4. Compare and contrast the various measurement levels in data
  5. Explain critical data issues such as security and privacy and the role they play in data management
  6. Describe the tasks involved in Data Preparation
  7. Demonstrate techniques for Data Preparation 
  8. Apply the techniques for Data Preparation using appropriate tools

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