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Welcome to the Course “Data Preparation”. This is the 1st  in the CSOD LEVEL II program that seeks to empower young adults with the practical skills for today’s Digital economy. These courses are designed to address competency profiles in Digital literacy and Data skills that have become essential for the job markets of today and the future.

Participants in this course “Data Preparation”, will acquire the essential practical skills that will equip them with foundational data competencies for Data Preparation and Data Governance, some of which were first introduced in the “Data Fundamentals” course. 

In the Digital economy, Data has become a critical and valuable business resource. Data literacy and the ability to collect, organise, manage, evaluate and apply Data to various business scenarios and activities is rapidly becoming an essential 21st century skill. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Data Preparation, and basic toolkits (including spreadsheets) for collecting, organizing and applying data effectively.

Practical techniques are learned to process, manipulate and visualize data using spreadsheets. Students also learn about important data issues such as data quality, security, and privacy and are introduced to good practices for working with Data.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the importance of Data Governance 
  2. Explain the importance of Data Quality
  3. Distinguish between the various Data Quality dimensions
  4. Compare and contrast the various measurement levels in data
  5. Explain critical data issues such as security and privacy and the role they play in data management
  6. Describe the tasks involved in Data Preparation
  7. Demonstrate techniques for Data Preparation 
  8. Apply the techniques for Data Preparation using appropriate tools

This course was developed for the participants in the CSOD LEVEL II program and is designed for persons who have completed the CSOD Basic Program , or have otherwise acquired basic digital competencies or skills in using the Internet and other digital tools.

The course will provide a virtual community to work in, that includes other participants like yourself, your course facilitator, and potential mentors that will be an invaluable source of information, knowledge sharing, and creative ideas. We encourage you to participate in the discussions and activities which will be one of the most valuable things this course has to offer.

Participants should have completed the CSOD Basic digital skills Program

The overall CSOD LEVEL II program is organized over 8 weeks and 4 courses. The courses are self-contained, but together they create a learning journey focused on skills for working with, and creating value from Data. We’ve designed the courses to be as interactive as possible. Each self-directed course will take approximately 1.5 – 3 hours per module to complete, and you should be able to complete each course within 2 weeks.

You can study the course at your own pace and we’ve designed each course to be flexible so it fits with your schedule, and you can move ahead if you have time or catch up when you need to. You should expect to spend approximately 5 – 8 hours per week for best results.

The four modules in this course “Data Preparation” are outlined below:

Module 1: Data Quality – introduces the data value chain and concepts of data governance/quality, while seeking to provide an increased awareness of the importance of data quality in the digital economy

Module 2: Data Pre-Processing – seeks to expand the learners knowledge of data and promotes the importance of understanding and preparing the data before analysing it

Module 3: Data Cleaning – is designed to provide learners with knowledge on the tools and techniques for ensuring that the data is in a form suited for analysis by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant, replicated or in the wrong format for analysis

Module 4: Data Preparation Tools – Emphasis is placed on the use of readily available Data Preparation tools, and providing students with the hands-on exposure to these tools and how they can be applied to various data sets.

You will complete the modules in sequence as you work through the course. Please note that all modules are locked, until the previous one is completed, so you have to completely finish each module and the related assessments in order to progress through the course.

Each module is presented as a combination of topics and lessons, and the main method of progressing through the module is to click to move to the next piece to information.

Once you have covered all lessons (i.e. all the information and completed all activities) within a topic, you will be presented with a “Mark Complete” button. This will trigger your advancement to the next topic. When you activate the “Mark Complete” button on the final topic within a module, you will be taken to the “Final Quiz” for that module.

  • Next (>) will take you to the next topic/lesson in the course
  • Prev (<) will take you back to the previous topic/lesson
  • Home takes you back to the main course menu.

Assessments / Questions

Each module in the course has an Assessment section at the end with a series of questions that enable you to test and validate your learning on the topics covered.

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