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Digital Profile: Self-Diagnostic Survey II

Digital competencies refer to the ability to use digital technology, communications tools and/or networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and pass on information ethically and legally in order to participate to the full in the Information and Knowledge Society. This self-assessment digital profile instrument is based on the DigComp 2.0 Digital Competency Framework and identifies the key components of digital competency in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The information below will help you to prepare for the survey.

The questionnaire contains 20 questions that we ask you to answer based on your own personal experiences or general perception. It is not a test, but will help us to understand the digital competences that you are starting this program with, in order for us to guide your learning as effectively as possible. So answer as candidly and honestly as you can.

The questions are organized into different sections, and you must complete the questions in each section before moving to the next. The questions come in different formats so it is important for you to know these:

Yes/No or True/False

You only have to select the corresponding option, in response to the proposed statement.

Boxes for ticking (Check-box, radio-buttons)

As in the previous case, you only have to tick the corresponding box(es), in accordance with the statement. With radio-buttons you can select only one option, while check-boxes allow you to select several options

Assess based on a scale from 1 to 5

For these questions, you must read the given statements carefully and then assess your personal situation based on a scale from one to five. One (1) typically means “I don’t know / am not able to”; and Five (5) means “I am very familiar with / have a thorough knowledge of it”

After you have selected your responses, you must click “Answer” to record your responses. Read the questions carefully and think about your responses before answering. Once you click “Answer”, you can’t change your response.

Only about yourself, and your own previous digital awareness, practices, and experiences. You know yourself better than anyone.

This questionnaire can typically take about 15 minutes, but we want you to think carefully about your responses before you answer, so that we get the best starting information about you. So don’t worry if you take a little longer than 15 mins to complete the questionnaire.

You also have access to the following additional aids:

Language picker: Select the language of your preference. This will always be in the bottom-left hand of the screen.

Progress bar: allows you to track your progress.

Glossary: A list of words and terms used throughout the programme and their meanings. Link is located to the left.

Your Digital Profile Report
Once you have completed the Self-Diagnostic survey, click the link below for your “Digital Profile Report”. Remember this is not a Test, just your own self-assessment of the digital competences that you are starting this program with. It will help you to determine where to focus your efforts to enhance your digital skills, and just as importantly, this will help us to ensure that your training experience is managed effectively in order to achieve the best outcomes for you.

==>Digital Profile Report

Your report is presented based on your gmail address so make sure that you are logged in with the gmail account that you signed up to the CSOD platform with. When you click on the link the 1st time, it will ask you to “Grant consent” for it to use your email address to display your report. Just click on “Allow“. If you did not register with a gmail address, check with your Facilitator for a copy of your Digital Profile report.

If you have just completed the Diagnostic Survey, it may take up to 24 hrs for your report to be available, so check back here for your digital profile result.

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