Productivity Tools for Digital Workers – Typing

Even though mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become much more popular in recent years, desktop computers remain the preferred choice for business workplaces, and being able to type professionally on a keyboard continues to be an important skill for Professionals.

This module, teaches the essential skill of typing professionally for both the physical and online digital workplaces.

Please note, the Typing activities in this module will be most effectively done from a desktop computer (or laptop) using a standard keyboard and a browser. It is an optional module. You do not have to complete it before proceeding with the other modules in this Course. However if you want to improve your typing skills, give it a shot!

At the end of the module students will be able to:

  • Identify the layout of the standard QWERTY keyboard and the proper positioning of the fingers of left and right hands
  • Learn the proper techniques of “Touch Typing”

Who is this course for?

How long is this course?

You can practice the exercises in this module at your own pace and we’ve designed each activity to be flexible so it fits with your schedule, and you can move ahead if you have time or catch up when you need to.

Estimated time to complete each module ranges from 45 – 90 mins. Additional learning resources are provided to enable students to explore more information on the topics covered. However you may practice the exercises as much as required, depending on your basic typing skills.

Navigating the course